yield education

Through this program we fulfill our mission to maximize the potential of students. We want to ensure that students maximize their academic potential

Since 2017, Yield Education has focused on Yield Fellowship and Tutorials (Maths and English) at Herbert Macaulay Girls Senior Secondary School.

It started out as Yield Fellowship in February 2017. The School teacher in charge of the Christian Fellowship told the Yield Director in charge Mrs Odunayo Ibrahim about the student’s poor performance in Mathematics. This gave birth to the weekly Maths tutorials; to maximise their mathematics potential

YLI tutorials

Yield Education holds every Friday from 1pm (excluding holidays).

Every year, through the help of the Holy Spirit, we do the following:

  • Free Maths, Economics and Biology tutorials for senior secondary students (SS1 – SS3)
  • Weekly fellowship with the students with focus on studying the bible, personal and character development
  • Conduct a scholarship exam to select the recipients of the Yield Education Scholarship
  • Pay the JAMB fees for the recipients of the Yield Education Scholarship
  • Pay the University/Polytechnic fees for the recipients of the Yield Education scholarship

We are so proud of our students, they have improved tremendously by over 60% in their academics and this has translated in an increase in their JAMB pass rate.

YLI Volunteer tutors

Our volunteer tutors have been excellent. They have continuously made themselves available to take the students tutorials. We have seen so much improvement in their academics since the tutorials.

Many thanks to all our partners for your prayers and financial support. This has given the students hope and encourages them to study hard and get good results.

If you haven’t, we ask that you join us by volunteering or partnering with us

YLI University

We want to ensure that their socio-economic background doesn’t hinder them from maximizing their academic potential, going to the university and being their best