Yield Leadership Initiative

Y ield

L eadership

I nitiative

We are a Youth Initiative for Empowerment, Leadership and potential Development

We are a faith-based not-for-profit aimed at giving God’s love by helping youths develop their potential

Our vision was given by God, founded on Jesus Christ and led by the Holy Spirit

Our Vision

To give God’s love by developing the potentials of youths

Our Mission

To raise an army of young people who excel in all areas of life and are set apart for Christ

Main Objectives

  • To help youths Identify their potentials
  • To help youths Develop their potentials by organizing and partnering with organisations to deliver various empowerment programs
  • To help youths Utilize their potentials by providing a platform to do so


  • Ogaga Johnson (formerly Umukoro)
  • Opeyemi (formerly Aina)
  • Abisola Badejo (formerly Ayo-Ibine)
  • Yemi Ebire

We are currently focused on three main programs and One main initiative

Our main Programs are:

Our Main Initiative is: