Precious of YLI

Goal: The goal of this program is to equip students with tools and techniques that will enhance them in their various fields.

Mission: Our mission is to raise devoted Christian influencers in all fields all around the world.

What the program entails:

  • The University program will run for 3 years and is only open to students currently enrolled in a university program.
  • We would have the Online Learning Platform as our major learning resource. There will be collaborations with major companies on internships for outstanding members.

The YLI University Program will offer the students the following tools and resources:


  • We would have mentors readily available in Entrepreneurship, Art/Creativity, Corporate World, IT, Ministry and Science.
  • The mentors’ bios will be under their areas of specialty. Students select their areas of specialty and select a mentor. If a mentor has too many people under him/her then the student would be unable to select.
  • There’s a mentor mentee heart to heart/vision talk maybe once a quarter, and a biweekly report on status of goal/vision is done.


  • Students get trainings on life skills such as leadership trainings, how to network, cv writing, the importance of internships, how to code, entrepreneurship, project management, how to be appropriately dressed for any/every function etc. There will be specific videos suited to the year they are, in school. The aim here is to train them on the extracurricular activities that our foreign counterparts include in their syllabus.
  • As the need arises, there will also be academic trainings on topics that the students are finding difficult to grasp.

Question Arena

  • Questions on any topics could be included here. All questions are welcome – academic questions, career questions, personal development questions, etc. and other students that have the answers can answer, or the admin. Questions relating to spirituality will be asked and answered in the “Walk with God” segment.


The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. —Dr. Seuss

  • The idea is to build experts in all fields so students will have access to journals, text books, workbooks etc. in the library section. We would buy some of the books and get donations from people as well.

Walk with God (Spiritual Development)

  • We would have a once in a year Spiritual boot camp and also allow students access to Spiritual materials, devotions, messages, etc. and allow for spiritual related questions.

Other tools available will be the Internship Application and the application to the Graduate Program.This will be open to students in their penultimate and/or final years only.

How it would work

  • Students will have to apply to be accepted into this University program using the our application form once the program starts
  • During the 3-year membership, students will have access via a login username and password to our tools and resources.
  • The content in each student’s logon will follow the listed above structure but will be suited specifically for the level of the student.
  • There will be annual competitions that would put these students on the global retreat
  • There would also be an annual boot camp where we would have prayers, fasting, preaching, mentoring and a music night.

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