YLI tutorials

Yield Leadership Initiative’s Program structures help in ensuring participants get a good finish from secondary school and a great start through the University or Polytechnic they have been admitted to.

We also help participants to identify, develop and utilize their skills for them to be equipped to thrive by earning an income that can cater to their basic needs on campus.

You can be a part of this great cause by volunteering to be a tutor for our Secondary School Program. Tutoring senior secondary students on various subjects so that they can maximize their academic potential. Doing this will help the students pass their examinations including JAMB and post-JAMB so they gain admission into the university.

We want to ensure that their socio-economic background doesn’t hinder them from excelling academically.

You can also volunteer to be a mentor for our University Program. Mentoring university students to be their best in all areas of their life. Making a real difference in the life of the next generation and securing their future.

You can also partner with us by making monetary donations of any amount (monthly or one-off) by clicking the donate button

To volunteer for any of our programs, please register using the volunteer form below

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