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Yield Magazine Issue 4 – 2019

Yield Magazine

The theme of this edition is Purpose!

Many times, we ponder on these questions: “who am I?”, “what am I meant to be doing at this stage of my life?”, “How can I be more?”, “What is my purpose?”.

Yield Magazine Issue 3 – 2018

Yield Magazine 3

The theme of this edition is Light!

This edition is packed with various articles that enlighten us about issues that we young people are interested about. It answers questions such as should I be an entrepreneur or not? It also has nuggets on how to take ideas to implementation.

Yield Magazine Issue 2 – 2017

Yield Magazine 2

The theme of this edition is Love!

Yes, we love love! As young people we want to
address this thing called love. What is it really? What is the health condition of our love? We also talk about love for oneself, God and the opposite sex. Check various articles by youths on these topics. Of course, we love good food so enjoy a special recipe for a famous Nigerian dish.

Yield Magazine Issue 1 – 2016

Yield Magazine 1

The theme of this edition is Favourite things!

In this favorite things edition, Olusalako a successful comedian and actor is featured. There
is also an exclusive interview with the founder Ogaga Johnson. Our readers will be
enjoying articles written straight from the heart of young leader’s who also experience the struggles of youthful living. They share useful information on’self-discovery, mental health, emotional-intelligence, leadership, showing acts of gratitude and how to take care of issues at work and home.